Blue Collar Babes (1999)

Blue Collar Babes (1999)

Blue Collar Babes (1999)

Blue Collar Babes (1999) | USA | DVD5 [Untouched]

Directed by: Playboy Studios

Stars: Morena Corwin, Jessica Garvin, Dawn McFall and more.

Language: English

Country: Usa | DVD5 [Untouched]

Description: Working for the weekend takes on a whole new meaning with Playboy’s Blue Collar Babes. These are the women who play as hard as they work, and Playboy shows you just how far they’ll go to have fun. Playmate Morena Corwin takes off her hard hat and a whole lot more in a revealing cool-down that will leave you breathless. Then two daring construction girls drop their tools to get down and dirty with each other for stunned onlookers. And a sizzling sidewalk striptease proves there’s only one thing better than a woman in uniform…getting her out of it. When it’s time to unwind, these naughty nine-to-fivers get the job done – on time and with spectacular results.

File Size: 3 GB | Format: VOB | Duration: 53:42 MINS | Resolution: 720×480

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