Borderline (1995)

Borderline (1995)

Borderline (1995) | USA | Webrip

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Directed by: Paul Thomas

Actors: Celeste, Bridgette Monroe, Missy, Felecia, Toni, Alicia Rio, Tabitha, Nici Sterling, Alexis Devell, Madelyn Knight, Alabama, Jill Kelly, Steven St. Croix, Tony Montana, Guy Desilva, Bobby Vitale, Mark Davis

Language: English

Country: USA | Webrip

Description: A married man and a married lady are in a love affair. Coincidentally, their soul mates had to go on a business trip for several days at the same time. Not wanting to miss a rare opportunity, the lovers also decide to spend these few days in a Mexican resort, but everything initially did not go as they had planned. The car breaks down on the road through some very strange village….

File Size: 1.99 GB | Format: MKV | Duration: 116:32 MINS | Resolution: 960×720

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