Curious Women (1971)

Curious Women (1971)

Curious Women (1971)

Curious Women (1971) | USA | Dvdrip

Directed by: After Hours Cinema

Actors: Jamie Gillis, Davey Jones, Darby Lloyd Rains, Harry Reems, Cindy West

Language: English

Country: USA | Dvdrip

Description: Two luscious lesbian cousins ​​take to turning tricks after horny old Uncle Hans kicks the bucket. From After Hours Cinema’s S#x Mad Family Grindhouse Triple Feature, this is the rousing story of the wayward activities of a couple of young girls that takes them into a lascivious lifestyle they didn’t expect

File Size: 1.25 GB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 63:32 MINS | Resolution: 720×480

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