Embrace the Darkness (1999)

Embrace the Darkness (1999)

Embrace the Darkness (1999)

Embrace the Darkness (1999) | USA | Dvdrip

Directed by: Kelley Cauthen

Actors: Madison Clark, Angelia High and Kevin Spirtas

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: Vampires Galen [Kevin Spirtas] and Miranda [Angelina High] have just moved to Los Angeles. Galen wants to lay low and get his blood from a nearby bloodbank while Miranda likes hers fresh, young, and virile. When Galen notices dancer Jennifer [Madison Clark] masturbating on her studio floor, he falls in love and sets out to pursue her. Miranda becomes jealous and seduces Jennifer, too, while Jennifer’s cop boyfriend Ryan [Brad Bartram] senses that she is becoming too friendly with Galen and Miranda. Meanwhile, Ryan and Detective Turner [Cliff Potts] have their hands full trying to figure out why bloodless bodies keep turning up with two puncture wounds on the neck. Then Jennifer is hit by a car, and Galen “saves” her by making her a vampire. When Ryan sees a wanted poster bearing a drawing of Galen, he grabs a stake and rushes over to Galen’s apartment, only to find Jennifer squating in a corner and crying. Does Ryan use that stake on Jennifer? You’ll have to wait for Embrace the Darkness 2 to find out.

File Size: 1.09 GB | Format: AVI | Duration: 104:36 MINS | Resolution: 608×448




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