Monamour (2005)

Monamour (2005)

Monamour (2005)

Monamour (2005) | Italy | Dvdrip

Directed by: Tinto Brass

Stars: Anna Zhimskaya, Riccardo Marino, Max Parodi, Nela Luci

Language: Russian

Country: Italy | Dvdrip

Description: The love story of a girl from Venice named Marta and a Frenchman Leon. Six months after the wedding, sex with her husband Dario became ordinary, boring, lost the attractiveness that was before. Husband Dario quickly finishes and falls asleep, and the excited, but unsatisfied Marta, who has not experienced an orgasm, cannot fall asleep for a long time, suffers and, in order to transform sexual arousal, keeps a frank, sincere sexual diary. Then she meets the artist Leon, with whom she experiences an amazing orgasm. Marta feels remorse, wants to sincerely tell her husband about the betrayal, but he has no time all the time. The romance between Martha and Leon lasts only five days, and their feelings are getting stronger every day…

File Size: 1.45 GB | Format: AVI | Duration: 92:34 MINS | Resolution: 720×400

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