Puritan Video Magazine 19 (1998)

Puritan Video Magazine 19 (1998)

Puritan Video Magazine 19 (1998)

Puritan Video Magazine 19 (1998) | USA | Webrip


Directed by: Puritan Studio

Stars: Raquel Devine, Lizzy Borden, Cheyenne Silver, Lennox, Inari Vachs

Language: English

Country: USA | Webrip

Description: Love Triangle: Whatsa girl to do when she has two lovers? If you have this problem, the solution lies in this scene. The Contest: A girl has two guys fighting for her. But which one should she choose? So she has a contest and ... Dear Puritan: More perverted stories from you sickos. Screen Test: Ever wonder what its like to attend an audition for a p#rn movie? Slave and Master: I must do whatever he says. He is my master. But its so degrading, maybe I shouldn`t, but I must for he is The Master in Volume 19.

File Size: 1.23 GB | Format: AVI | Duration: 106:05 MINS | Resolution: 640×480




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