Sensual Experience (1998)

Sensual Experience (1998)

Sensual Experience (1998)

Sensual Experience (1998) | USA | Dvdrip

Directed by: Francois Clousot

Actors: Asia Carrera, Heather Hornay, Janis Jones, Joelani, Raquel Devine, Michael J. Cox, Vanessa, Vince Vouyer

Language: English

Country: USA | Dvdrip

Description: Julie (Asia Carrerra) and Alex (Vince Voyer) are two newly weds moving in their first house. Their future seems happy and quiet…. until one night, a week after they move in, Julie witnesses an apparition in the living room…. two gorgeous spirits having sex.The next morning, she tries to explain what she to her husband, but he doesn’t believe her. He accepts anyway to hire a psychic investigator, Frank Canister (Michael J. Cox) to study the phenomenon and clear the house of its uninvited guests. Frank is going to discover that theses spirits are different than any other poltergeists he’s ever encountered before when he experiences the sexual passion of one of them.He then convinces Alex that these are good souls and keeping them in the house is a chance to experience a new level of sexuality… but will Julie understand? Sensual Experience will take you through amazing sex scenes filled with beautiful and exotic ghosts, breathtaking special effects, hot and nasty performances!

File Size: 1017 MB | Format: AVI | Duration: 87:23 MINS | Resolution: 640×480

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