Waree (2011)

Waree (2011)

Waree (2011)

Waree (2011) | Thailand | Dvdrip

Directed by: Nokon Withurat

Actors: Chutikan Wanthong, Hasaya Charoenmak, Khanita Ngamnonthong, Kachaphon Hasawaeng

Language: Thai

Country: Thailand | imdb info | Dvdrip

Also known as: lok lo laew chuad

Description: Kinari was raped and killed in the forest and her spirit is haunting the place where she died. She will have sex with any men who are in the area and then leave them dead.

File Size: 1.09 GB | Format: MKV | Duration: 74:17 MINS | Resolution: 720×400




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