Hard Love – Jeunes filles perverses (1975)

Hard Love – Jeunes filles perverses (1975)

Hard Love - Jeunes filles perverses (1975)

Hard Love – Jeunes filles perverses (1975) | France | Vhsrip

Directed by: Serge Korber

Stars: Anna Douking, Anne Libert, Anne Vareze, Claudine Beccarie, Daniele Nere, Jacqueline Doyen, Laure Cottereau, Martine Grimaud, Monique Vita

Language: French

Country: France | vhsrip

Also known as: Ijsk(l)ontjes voor een hete bliksem

Description: Walter Petit is a young publicity agent who works for a weapons factory. He fantasises much about women, but when it comes to performance, he is impotent – although all the secretaries are in love with him. Eventually he gets cured, falls in love with Beatrice, the daughter of his boss and finally marries her.
The plot gets complicated with all the fantasies of Walter, which are shown in the film. They make the film very lively. Also, there are small x-inserts in this movie and a long orgy-scene where Walter seems to be present, but does not participate. There is Cyril Val who has anal sex with Martine Grimaud (I think); the Sperma video-edition also states Beatrice Harnois as being in this movie, but I did not recognize her; but in this orgy-scene it is not clear who is who (!). There are at least 10 people on one bed; also next there is a fleshy scene with six girls together (!) not doing very much though. This movie is somewhat similar to Les 11.000 Verges and has a pleasant somewhat surreal atmosphere.
A joyous romantic fantasy with hard core inserts.

File Size: 713 MB | Format: AVI | Duration: 85:52 MINS | Resolution: 640×480



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