Sens interdits (1985)

Sens interdits (1985)

Sens interdits (1985)

Sens interdits (1985) | France | Dvdrip

Directed by: Jean-Luc Brunet

Stars: Marianne Aubert, Yves Callas, Andre Kay, Diane Suresne

Language: French

Country: France | Dvdrip

Also known as: Dirty Angel

Description: Bob Lane is (or dreams of being) a private detective with a secretary Cynthia with whom he has sex on the office desk. He dreams of saving Tatiana from burglars and receiving her gratitude in physical form. His secretary has sex with the gasman to avoid paying the bill. Nightclub singer Diane is having an affair with an older man, Freddy Raclay. They play games where she is a dominatrix. Freddy’s wife Edwige is having an affair with Raoul and experiments with anal sex with him and her husband. Diane is kidnapped by two gangsters who have sex with her (faked DP). She is rescued by Tatiana, but they have a fight and g/g session in the mud before being hosed down by Bob. In the end it all turns out to be his dream.

File Size: 516 MB | Format: AVI | Duration: 79:39 MINS | Resolution: 640×480

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