No Mercy, No Future (1981)

No Mercy, No Future (1981)

No Mercy, No Future (1981)

No Mercy, No Future (1981) | Germany | Dvdrip


Directed by: Helma Sanders-Brahms

Stars: Elisabeth Stepanek, Nguyen Chi Danh, Karl Heinz Reimann

Language: German | Subtitles: English (Embed)

Country: Germany | Dvdrip

Also known as: Die Berührte, A Escolhida

Description: Doctors say that Veronika, a woman in her 20s, is schizophrenic. She is compliant, which makes her an easy target for men. She’s religious, believing she is God’s favorite child; she searches for Jesus. She has sent a letter to a filmmaker suggesting her life as the subject for a movie. We see her r#ped than take up with a series of men she believes are Jesus, each willing or insistent on sex. A young man with his own crisis of faith invites her to join a cult. We see her involuntarily committed to an asylum from time to time where medication and constraints await. Her wealthy parents are helpless. Will a medical professional ever talk to her? If one did, would it help?

File Size: 1.13 GB | Format: MKV | Duration: 103:51 MINS | Resolution: 672×480

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