Burning Snow (1983)

Burning Snow (1983)

Burning Snow (1983)

Burning Snow (1983) | Germany | Dvdrip

Directed by: Michel Leblanc/Michel Lemoine

Actors: Olinka Hardiman, Evelyne Lang, Michelle Villers, Olivia Flores, Gabriel Pontello, Anthony Debray, Gerard Gregory, Bernard Cliff

Language: English

Country: Germany | Dvdrip

Description: An Alpine ski holiday turns into a wild s#x farce when prim and proper Miss Muriel is mistaken for lusty Lorna, a nymphomaniac of epic proportions. Soon, the hotel where Muriel and her suspicious fiance Roland are staying is abuzz with the scandalous gossip.

File Size: 814 MB | Format: AVI | Duration: 115:57 MINS | Resolution: 640×480




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