Trois filles dans le vent (1980)

Trois filles dans le vent (1980)

Trois filles dans le vent (1980)

Trois filles dans le vent (1980) | France | Vhsrip

Directed by: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Actors: Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart, Christine Lodes, Julia Perrin, Marilyn Jess, Sirpa Lane, Sylvia Castell

Language: French

Country: France | Vhsrip

Description: Disappointed that they can’t play in real big-budget films like there were in the 50s ans 60s, two former actors kidnap Sirpa Lane and ask two billion francs to release her. In the meantime, they find refuge on a small island in the Mediterranean where they stay in an abandonned hotel that they mean to do up with the money from the ransom and rent for a cheap price to penniless actors for the holidays. Sirpa Lane agrees on the project and even helps them in their negociations. But the crew from the filming she was working on when she was kidnapped come to the island, resulting in a big fight and final reconciliation.

File Size: 1.52 MB | Format: MKV | Duration: 108:29 MINS | Resolution: 686×486

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